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Mobile Women's
Health Clinic
In Ukraine

Mobile Women's
Health Clinic
In Ukraine

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Our Mission

Corridor Israeli Aid for Ukraine provides urgent rescue, critical treatment and aid to refugees in war-torn areas. We do this by mobilizing our team of volunteers and the generosity of donors.


We help anyone in need, regardless of race, gender, or ethnic identity.


We are committed to the entire needs of refugees, ensuring safety, shelter, treatment and care.


We cooperate with organizations, government agencies and individuals to best respond to the crisis. Corridor is non-partisan and our cooperation is free of discrimination. 

Our Impact

We’ve rescued over 3500 men, women and children from deep inside war-torn areas such as Mariupol, Kherson, Chernihiv, Zaporizhzhia, Nikolaev and Donetsk, at times under fire.


We conduct complex life-saving medical evacuations for those who are disabled and left stranded inside besieged cities, endangered hospital wards needing evacuation, and for those needing urgent treatment now unavailable in the overwhelmed health system. We provide ambulances, doctors, special medical equipment, as well as flights and treatment in hospitals in Israel and the EU. We also support families during treatment with accomodation. 


We bring medications and other medical needs into Ukraine, ensuring they reach hospitals, treatment centers, doctors and individuals with special medical needs.


We operate two mobile treatment units, attending women and teens who have been sexually assaulted in besieged cities.


We provide displaced refugees with accommodation as they continue their journey, and fully support families during medical treatment.

Who We Are

With our personal and historical connection to Ukraine, and feelings of despair for the unfolding humanitarian crisis of those who found their hopes shattered and lives endangered, we decided to take the initiative to help and support those who, just like us, love and worry over their families.


We are a non-profit civil society organization formed by a team of volunteers from around the globe, spanning operations and logistics experts, doctors, refugee hosts, technology developers, and translators.


Corridor collaborates with national and regional Ukrainian government agencies, the Israeli government, international organizations and humanitarian aid NGOs, hospitals in Ukraine, Israel and the EU, pharmaceutical companies, shipping companies, airlines, hi-tech companies, grass-roots organizations, communities and individuals.


Our close relationships and direct involvement with people on the ground in Ukraine ensures that all our efforts and donations are directed only to aid and rescue of those in need.


Corridor was founded at the beginning of the war by Oran Singer and Shaked Goldstein, leading Israeli hi-tech executives.

Oran Singer

Serial Entrepreneur
CTO of Futura Genetics

Shaked Goldstein

COO of Samsung NEXT Tel-Aviv, Samsung Venture Capital Investment Fund

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