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in war torn areas

We've helped more than

Men, women and children



Men, women and children

 We Evacuate more than


Ukraine. Heart-breaking and painful stories. A Grandmother alone in the rubbles of Kiev in need of evacuation… A pregnant woman with small children stuck without fuel 50km from Odessa ... A student, scrounging to support her family, living in fear of whatever next. The pleas for help increase daily.


The difficulties encountered by diplomacy and official channels have motivated us, as private individuals, to find new ways to deal directly with the changing situation on the ground.

We’ve come together to directly manage evacuations of Ukrainian citizens, bringing them to safety. When needed we escort them to safe borders as well as fly them to other countries. Our activities include managing field personnel operating in Ukraine, the creation of smart technology-based logistics systems, bringing medicine and aid deep into war torn areas, and taking care of complex medical needs.

We also operate two mobile units to take care of sexually assaulted women and are building a Sexual Assault Treatment Center.

We are a civil society organization of entrepreneurs, heads of operations, high-tech executives and volunteers from all corners of Israeli society. Not being able to sit idly by - we contribute as much as we can from our skills, time, means and connections.

We’ve created an operational team and recruited a group of volunteers to help those in the field and their families in Israel. We’ve also established relations with officials and diplomats in Israel, Ukraine and the European Union, work with medical organizations throughout the world, created supply and transportation capabilities, and collaborate with Ukrainian and international aid organizations.

So far, we’ve assisted thousands of people in war torn areas and are evacuating hundreds of people daily.

We appeal to you to help us save these innocent people, and make a real difference.

Who are we and what are our values?

Oran Singer,  Serial Entrepreneur, CTO of Futura Genetics.
Shaked Goldstein, COO of Samsung NEXT Tel-Aviv , Samsung Venture Capital Investment Fund.

With our personal and historical connection to Ukraine, and feelings of despair for the  unfolding humanitarian crisis of those who found their hopes shattered and lives endangered, we decided to take the initiative to help those who, just like us, love and worry over their families.

We are veterans of the Israeli hi-tech ecosystem, bringing our managerial abilities along with our relationships with government agencies, industry, pharmaceutical companies, airlines, NGOs, as well as with established and grass-roots organizations worldwide.

Our close connections and direct involvement with people on the ground in Ukraine ensures that every donation goes directly to aid and rescue of those in need.

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